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we_love_natalie's Journal

one single nacho
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WE <3 NASTALIE (upswing_mix), AND SO DO YOU!!!!!!

*natalie's note: almost as much as we heart pineapple
24 hour party people, andrew w k, andrew w-k, andrew w.k, andrew w.k., andrew wk, asafucksonyousuck, asking about johnny cash, axl rose dances, bad photography, big pimpin' at m.a., bob dylan/victoria's secret ads, boring techno, c mar, calling my sister emo, cello, chickens on tv, chopsticks, civil war outlines, crispin glover singing "ben", darren ray, elvis costello (the obsession), find another girl, frank black, getting dirrrrrty, getting killed by ghosts, gurlfriend, hand cramps, hating rob zombie, heart pineapple, heart_pineapple, henry rollins 4lyf, ian curtis dances, interpol, it's raining men, johnny cash: american badass, jumping sharky, kidz bop kids, killing whitey, know your onion!, kung pow chicken, libertines slash, mamst, mix cds, morrissey and avril lavigne, mr. potato head game, my scrapbook, my sister being emo, nastalie, natalie, nme, not loving darren ray, old fuss and feathers, oswald toys, partying andrew wk style, partying andrew wk-style, partying for andrew wk, partying like andrew wk, partying to andrew wk, partying with andrew wk, pirates, pixies, playing silly me, playing silly you, pocky, quoting lil kim, real ultimate power, rock and roll, seeing the ring, shaggy haired ddr guys, shake the mountain cyclops, sharky guys, singing "we've been had", snoop dogg, songs about couches, summoning ghosts in mirrors, talking about elvis costello, talking about henry rollins, the beatles, thom yorke dances, totoro, union general ambrose burnside, upswing_mix, vitaliti family pencils, warming your mother's heart, what're you doing tony?, whatever nme's talking about, worshipping henry rollins, zaniness, zoolander, , ♥ for natalie